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Here's what you can do
Submit a shareholder proposal to companies and funds where you invest, to ensure they are genocide-free. We've made it easy for you to submit a shareholder proposal on genocide-free investing to your mutual fund or investment firm.

Send a message to complicit companies. You can send to all at once, or select the one below where you invest. You don't have to be an investor to object. Financial companies want your business now or in the future, so your voice will matter.

Donate online to the campaign for genocide-free investing and sign up for our email list.
Distribute our campaign materials when you hold Darfur or other events. Click here for materials.

Raise awareness at your workplace, especially if your employer offers Fidelity, TIAA-CREF, or funds from other problem investment firms in its retirement plans. Get your company and co-workers involved.

Contact your company's 401k plan administrator to request genocide-free investment options. Ask the plan administrator to avoid offering Sudan-related stocks and mutual funds, to offer alternatives to using Fidelity funds, and to register a complaint with Fidelity on behalf of the company and its employees. Click here for suggested 401k actions.

Publicize the campaign to your group's members via email to your list, website, internal magazines and bulletins.

Provide a statement of support from your group.

Check your portfolio and move your money to ensure you are not investing in companies in Sudan's oil industry and not investing with the problem investment companies. (Note that if you are going to submit a shareholder proposal, you must maintain an investment of at least $2,000.) Click here for how to divest from Sudan.

Tell your friends what you did and why. If you are an organization, publicize what you did and why.
Get people (and students!) in your community and congregation involved. Speak out to your congregation and other organizations and distribute the information to members. Divest your organization’s endowments from problem investment companies and Sudan oil investments.

Write a letter to the editor of your local or school newspaper. Click here or here for a sample. Most local weekly and campus newspapers (not the large metropolitan dailies) will publish all letters to the editor received from town residents. You can easily find the email address by searching for your paper on the Internet. You will most likely find instructions on submitting a letter to the editor in the "Opinion" section. It's easy to cut and paste from the sample into an email that you can send to your hometown paper.

Contact local radio, and TV media to place articles and write letters to the editor, Public Service Announcements, and op-eds to share your concerns for Darfur and your actions to divest from companies that fund genocide.

Contact us with your ideas and interest in working together on this campaign. Thanks for your help!

Learn more about genocide-free investing and our strategy and plans for shareholder proposals.
Support state and pension fund divestment from Sudan.

Investors Against Genocide Contact us at 617-517-6310 or

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  1. u must be having a username with them by now, if not, first register one and then build up a PHP (personal history profile): be careful not to enter anything that u r not sure of, cause there will be a background check that u will not know off with the references that u put up. if u r looking for any specific field then keep your references in-relation. and then...
    let me see what i can do
    i will have to go somewhere starting the first week of april and if for any reason i am unable to come back, i will instruct someone to be in touch with u.
    i am associated with int court of justice, cause thats my field, for u i may say that u have a far greater potential as u r not limited to a certain field and as i understand mkt-mgt being your forte u dont have to be specific and can work down to ground zero where the actual reality kicks in. i dont know about your family, but i can say that they will feel damn proud of u and at the same time will miss the pleasure of your company (which must be pretty awesome), if u do decide to take the plunge.
    in the meantime keep smiling