Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ask your state's Governor to ban animal electrocution for fur

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Only one example of Actions I've started and belive in.

Ask your state's Governor to ban animal electrocution for fur
Started by andrea mckeeby

New York recently became the first state in the nation to ban one of the cruelest methods used to kill animals for fur -- anal and genital electrocution. Along with gassing and neck-breaking, electrocution is one of the killing methods favored by the fur industry because it limits damage to the pelt while removing the fur from the body that produced it. The bi-partisan bill provides for misdemeanor penalties of up to one year in jail for violations.Lethal electrocution involves hooking one electrode to the animal's ear or muzzle, and inserting another into the anus or vagina, causing a heart attack. It is not always effective, and animals are commonly skinned while paralyzed but still fully conscious. The bill states that "anal and genital electrocution is a severely inhumane way to bring about the desired death; it causes a protracted and painful cessation of life for the animal." IDA celebrates this groundbreaking animal protection measure, and applauds the New York Legislature and the Governor for enacting this humane law. New York is a large state with numerous fur farms, and this new law will help reduce the suffering of thousands of mink, foxes, muskrats, chinchillas, pine marten, and other animals slaughtered by the fur industry every year. Passage of this humane law is significant not only in that a cruel method of killing will now be illegal in New York, but also because it highlights the fact that electrocution remains legal in 49 other states. We are hopeful that other states will follow New York's lead by passing similar legislation of their own.Please Take Action to ask your state's Governor to push for legislation that would ban the use of electrocution as a means of killing animals for fur.LINK: Governor to ban animal electrocution for fur
This is an ongoing pledge that should be fulfilled as often as possible.

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  1. I can't believe this barbarous electrocution of animals is still legal in 49 other states! This sickening issue should no longer be allowed to fly under the legislative radar. Good lord, convicted killers on death row are given more humane treatment than those truly innocent little creatures get. I thank Ms. Mckeeby for her devoted aim on this matter. Sincerely JW