Friday, January 16, 2009

Bush/Cheney at it again....

The Bush/Cheney Administration today announced its latest attempt to again eliminate life-saving Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in Greater Yellowstone and throughout the Northern Rockies region -- part of the outgoing Administration's last-minute deadly assault on our wildlife and wild places.More than a hundred wolves were killed earlier this year -- including Limpy, the famous Yellowstone wolf -- when protections were removed.We were able to win in court and restore these vital protections for the region's wolves. Now the Bush/Cheney Administration is at it again -- in their final hours in office, they've cynically forced through essentially the same failed plan.More than 1,000 wolves could be slaughtered -- that's two-thirds of all the wolves living in the region -- unless we can once again stop this disastrous plan. Defenders is already calling on the incoming Obama Administration and Congress to overturn this eleventh-hour attack on our wolves. And our lawyers stand ready to take immediate legal action to challenge the latest delisting of wolves in the Northern Rockies region.We’ve won before -- and with your help, we can certainly win again. Defenders has long been the leader in the fight to ensure a lasting future for America’s wolves. We helped reintroduce wolves to Yellowstone and we haven’t stopped fighting for them since.

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