Wednesday, January 28, 2009

House hurries toward passage of econ stimulus bill (AP)

Moving with remarkable speed, the Democratic-controlled House lined up eagerly Wednesday to approve $819 billion in spending increases and tax cuts at the heart of President Barack Obama's economic recovery program. Republicans fought the bill as wasteful.
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Now, all he need to do is inform Pelosi and Reid of that fact. While O is trying to "Change" things, Pelosi and Reid are trying to stick it to Republicans as much as they can.......without regard for what is good for our country. If they don't quit playing "politics" with our lives, we will suffer an economic disaster worse than the GREAT DEPRESSION.

Compromise? We shouldnt budgeIn is so-called stimulus package he has 5billon set aside for community action incuded is ACORN.. All his crooked liberal crooniesDemocrat takeover of the private sector must be resisted and make it known that we are against it.The only reason he is seeking Republican approval is so when it is a giant FAILURE he can say it was bipartison,,,THATS THE ONLY REASON, Becasue he can get it past without the republican vote.. Its a sham, typical Liberal bullsit..This bailout and last years bailout will cost AMERICAN Tax Payers over 2 TRILLION dollars... The Democrats are hell bent on taking over the private sector and controlling everyones livesTheir are 2 enemies plotting to destroy Americas way nf lifeTerrorists and Liberals

Give billions to those who created this economic problem and screw the little people once again. Come on what did the last stimulus do for us NOTHING! This plan is flawed in so many ways.

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